LANAP Laser Periodontal Procedures

What is LANAP:

LANAP® is the first and only FDA cleared laser protocol on the market. The LANAP® procedure utilizes the highly specialized PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser to provide a less invasive, more acute treatment to gum disease. The protocol targets and kills the bacteria that cause gum disease, removes damaged gum tissue, and reattaches healthy tissue back to a tooth’s root surface. LANAP® treats gum disease without the pain, gum line recession, and increased sensitivity traditionally associated with periodontal treatments.  Additionally, some patients show further improvement after the LANAP® protocol as regeneration and reattachment continue after the procedure is complete for up to 1-2 years.

For patients in need of periodontal surgery, the choice between traditional and laser treatments is important.  To select the best option for you, it is critical that you understand the key differences between traditional and LANAP® procedures.

In traditional surgery, your doctor uses a scalpel to peels back gum tissue for better visibility and access to the periodontal pocket.  Your doctor will then cut down and suture the gums to decrease pocket depth. Once the pockets have been cut down, bone or tissue grafting may be used to reattach the gum to the tooth’s root surface.

While some cases necessitate traditional surgery, LANAP® is generally a viable alternative for most patients. LANAP® does not require scalpel or sutures, making it minimally invasive with little pain or discomfort. Because LANAP® does not require the cutting of gums to decrease pocket depth, there is minimal gum line recession.  The laser is able to distinguish between diseased and healthy tissue, leaving healthy tissue unaffected; this makes the procedure exceptionally selective and safe.  The laser removes diseased tissue and kills living bacteria without compromising healthy gum, tooth, and bone tissue.

We, as LANAP® Certified dentists, have made the commitment to stay abreast of the latest advances and provide our patients the best possible treatment options, meeting the highest standards of care. Laser treatment is a fantastic option for many patients; however it may not be suited to all cases. Please call us to schedule a consultation and find out if LANAP® could help you achieve optimal periodontal health.